Kosuke Ichikawa is a Japanese-born artist.
At the age of thirteen, he saved money from scaffolding job and moved to New York by himself without apparent purpose.
He encountered paintings during his journey throughout United States and Europe, which later lead him to devote himself to produce works in a variety of styles by self-study.
He exercised different styles such as music and images while interacting with phenomena from various fields to broaden his horizon as artist and painter.
After returning to Japan, he introduced a work depicted in an original style of using delicate incent stick flame. This piece was described as “[Incent Sticks Painting], significantly redirecting the modern paintings into a completely different direction” and attracted heavy media attention.
Today, Ichikawa chooses right incent sticks out of more than 60 different kinds by its temperature and thickness in order to depict a subject freehand by scorching a piece of paper.
His works, which singe of delicate incent stick flame makes out of the receding memory of his unique boyhood, receives great publicity both inside and outside of Japan.